Recent Happenings

Kevin Boswell and Marta D'Elia have published a paper along with co-authors in the Journal Frontiers of Marine Science called: Oceanographic structure and light levels drive patterns of sound scattering layers in a low-latitude oceanic system


Benjamin Binder and Allison White were awarded travel awards in preparation for the upcoming Southeastern Acoustics Consortium (SEAC) which will be taking place in St. Petersburg, FL.

Marta D'Elia, Nicholas Tucker, and Olivia Odom just returned from the Everglades where they were collecting acoustic data focusing on predator prey relationships in the mangroves. 

Kevin Boswell and Ben Binder attended a meeting at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. They were working with collaborators to quantitatively describe striped marlin feeding strategies and collective prey responses. 


Nicholas Tucker returned from San Diego, California, where he attended an Echoview conference. Echoview is the primary software that the MEALab uses to process acoustic data. 

A striped marlin foraging offshore of the Baja Peninsula

Photo Credit to Ben Binder. 

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